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We're back :) Better prices - Faster shipping

We've been hard at work to get you more great trims at better prices with faster shipping. Everything you see on the site is in stock and ready to ship.  The quantities on hand are accurate and orders are immediately sent to our warehouse for shipment.

After combing the world to find you all the celtic trims your heart desires, there are new designs coming online later this year.  In the meantime, if there's something you need that you don't see, just holler.  Always happy to custom order with a 10 yard minimum purchase.

We've been just selling on Etsy for awhile.  Happy to have the new website online. There are a few things on Etsy that aren't here but the prices are cheaper here so shop accordingly. If you need trim by the yard, our Celtic Trims Etsy store is the place to look for now.

Please be patient with us as we get all the descriptions and whatnot updated here.

As always, happy to answer questions. Just email us at: happycust @ celtictrims.com

Happy Shopping!

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